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Expression Maps for Eduardo Tarilonte Libraries

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Free Expression Maps for Eduardo Tarilonte´s ERA Libraries and Shevannai!

Are you an enthusiastic user of Shevannai or one of the Eduardo Tarilonte's ERA Libraries? Then you'll be happy to learn that Expression Maps now make it easier for you to assign articulations in Cubase Pro, leaving more space for your creativity!

We would like to thank Juho-Matias Linde for creating detailed Expression Maps for all five ERA libraries and Shevannai. Of course, all Expression Maps were approved by Eduardo Tarilonte himself.

You can easily download the Expression Maps from your user account, under "My Products" > "Generate new download links".

Available for: Ancient Era Persia, Celtic ERA, Dark ERA, ERA II, ERA II Vocal Codex & Shevannai!

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