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Synthogy showcases MIDI 2.0

synthogy ivory 3 german d

Recently Synthogy released the virtual piano Ivory 3 German D which represents a major leap in virtual piano recreation. The Ivory 3 platform comes with truly ground-breaking tech and features, such as MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity.

Synthogy in conjunction with Roland Corporation recently demonstrated the groundbreaking capabilities of MIDI 2.0 High-Resolution Velocity. The event took place at the NAMM Show 2023, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of MIDI.

MIDI 2.0 offers unparalleled musical expressiveness, and Ivory 3's new RGB Engine is designed to take full advantage of this technology. Ivory 3 is capable of responding to all 65,536 MIDI 2.0 velocity levels, providing a smooth, stepless timbral progression from softest to loudest strikes.

The debut product for the Ivory 3 platform, Synthogy Ivory 3 German D, features new recordings of a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano.
At the NAMM Show 2023, Ivory 3 German D has been performed live by no other than Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, and Mike Garson of David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. Make sure to check out these top notch performances of these great artists and imagine how you can incorporate this amazazing virtual piano instrument into your own productions!

Here you can find everything about the Synthogy Ivory 3 platform and all the performances from NAMM 2023.

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