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The Orchestra Essentials - Free Update

The Orchestra Essentials – Your Fast Track to Orchestral Composing – has recently received a free update, introducing several noteworthy improvements. 

This update enhances the overall user experience, allowing composers and musicians to make the most of this powerful software.

the orchestra essentials new update

The Orchestra Essentials - 1.1 Update

One of the key improvements included in this update is the correction of a missing tubular bells sample content error. Users who encountered this issue will now be able to access the complete tubular bells sounds. This fix ensures that the library functions as intended, eliminating any inconvenience caused. Additionally, the update addresses some misaligned level meter positions.

​Check it out right now!

To find out which version is installed on your computer, click the cog-wheel icon in the Ensemble instrument. The update installer can be downloaded here:

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