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Pedal Steel

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Authentic and Distinctive

There are few sounds that are as instantly recognizable as the Pedal Steel guitar. This library, which forms part of the Elastik Instrument Series, offers a versatile collection of beautiful musical phrases. The complexities of the instrument mean that it is very difficult to recreate as a virtual instrument. However, with this extensive collection of performance-based loops, it is incredibly easy to add realistic Pedal Steel performances to your own music productions.

Beautiful Performance Phrases Full Of Character

The library contains 2.8 GB of sample data and 568 loops and phrases. These are split into two groups with 284 unique loops presented both dry (without effects) and processed (mainly with reverb added). This gives the user either instant ‘ready to use’ versions or full control by adding their own processing choices.
The phrases are organized by tempo, with original recording tempos ranging from 70 to 120 bpm. They are also recorded in different keys.

As with all the Elastik Instrument Series libraries, the playing and recording quality are of the highest standards. However, the recorded sound is consistent across all categories of loops. With Elastik’s powerful tempo-matching and pitch manipulation tools, it is therefore very simple to mix and match phrases between the different categories to build your unique performance.

Great For Country But Equally Great For Other Music Genres

Pedal Steel is the perfect choice for country music producers and makes an ideal complement to our Country Loops library and soundtrack composers will find the library perfect for creating convincing country style cues. Pedal Steel is not just about traditional country music though. The instrument regularly finds its way into blues (try it with our Blues Colors library), Bluegrass and American Folk. However, don’t let that stop you experimenting. For example, added to some chilled Pop or RnB, the mellow sound of Pedal Steel can strike just the right mood. So, whether for more conventional country, or more experimental cross-over styles, the sound of Pedal Steel raises the bar and will slide right in.

Elastik Features

Ueberschall‘s Elastik Loop Player allows easy matching of loops in tempo, scale, key and pitch to your own song projects. The intuitive browser manages not only the loops of Pedal Steel but all Elastik libraries for immediate access to all samples. Functions such as resample, formant and reverse as well as an effective sequence mode allow creative sound design on the fly.

Attention: Please note that the backing loops used in the demo are not part of the library!

Credits: Pedal Steel Guitar played by Karsten Brudy

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4.0 of 5  
10.06.2020 Sprache: deutsch

Zunächst war ich etwas entäuscht. Das lag daran, dass ich die Philosophie nicht verstanden hatte. Nach etwas Training stellte ich aber fest wie gut das "Ding" ist. Was mir fehlt ist eine Möglichkeit Melodietöne via Midi einzuspielen. Die Sounds und Phrasen sind sehr gut. Der "Elastik" Player 3 verbirgt sehr viele Möglichkeiten. Für den Preis und *** Einsatz in der DAW sehr gut zu gebrauchen.*** ***

5.0 of 5  
05.04.2020 Sprache: deutsch

Alles bestens

5.0 of 5  
05.11.2019 Language: englisch

Very authentic and useful for my country projects.


Free ELASTIK 3.6.3 Loop-Player is included in this product.
With its intuitive Loopeye editing environment, the high-quality pitch, key, scale and tempo manipulation algorithms and the huge collection of Elastik-ready sample libraries, spanning almost every conceivable musical genre, Elastik is a powerful workstation for loop-based musicproduction. It can be used either as a standalone application or as plugin within almost any DAW on both Windows and macOS platforms.


  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Apple Silicon Support
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 8 or higher
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