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Rob Papen Pan Effect

From left to right, the center position of the - Rob Papen - brand has always been about creating plugins that think outside of the box whilst being extremely useful at the same time, this of course really ‘pans’ out literally in your music productions!

Yes, with this pun intended in the opening sentence Rob Papen is proud to present you the free RP-PAN. This top-notch plugin will allow you to use some very creative panning FX on your audio or instrument tracks. The Panning Sphere can be used to manually record pan movements between left and right in the stereo field. However, it gets really exciting if you use the ‘Spring back’ feature. This is tempo-based to let the Sphere revert back to either the Center, Left, or Right positions.

To go beyond the regular panning FX, Rob Papen have also added the Doppler FX option, and to avoid muscle pain if you like to have a constant pan movement, the ‘Lazy Mode’ is also available for automated Panning movements or other more experimental panning FX. Last but not least they have added their easy-to-use bank manager, and also added a selection of useful presets which always is the cherry on the cake with Rob Papen products!

RP Gui

Product Features


  • Panning & Doppler FX
  • Disrupt Sphere for controlling the panning and/or doppler FX
  • Bank Manager
  • 100%, 150%, and 200% GUI sizes
  • ESC (External MIDI Control) menu 
  • Template presets

Panning features

  • Disrupt Sphere to control the panning position
  • Left and Right panning amount between 0 and 100%
  • Position selectors for Left, Center, and Right.
  • Reset settings

Spring back featurs

  • Spring back to the Left, Center, or Right panning position
  • Spring back speed settings: instant or tempo-based from 1/32 tripple up to 1 bar.
  • Spring back quantize settings: from 2 steps over to 32 steps

Doppler FX

  • Disrupt Sphere to control the panning position
  • Doppler Amount control
  • Doppler Volume Decline Control

Lazy Mode

  • Speed control from 0.3Hz up to 27.50Hz
  • Tempo-sync speed option from 16dotted bars, up to 1/32 triple note.
  • Lazy mode movements: L>R, R>L, C>L, L>C, C>R, R>C, C>L>R, C>R>L, L Saw, R Saw, L>R Saw, and R>L Saw
  • Phase control of the Lazy Mode LFO from 0 Degree. up to 360 Degree

Bank Manager

  • Preset section with Bank selector section
  • Order by Date Preset listing option
  • Find option

Back Panel

  • Computer Keyboard Preset selecting On/Off
  • MIDI Preset selecting On/Off
  • MIDI Bank selecting On/Off
  • External MIDI Capture mode On/Off
  • Screen size selector menu with 100%, 150%, and 200%

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11.12.2023 Language: englisch

Schnell und einfach eine automatische Panorama-Wanderung zurechtlegen. Das kann das Ding und mehr muss es nicht bieten. Diverse Presets.

5.0 of 5  
05.11.2023 Language: englisch


5.0 of 5  
22.07.2022 Language: englisch

very Good



  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
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