Dave Fraser and Neil Goldberg formed Heavy Melody Music in 2003. They have worked as composers and sound designers for clients such as Paramount, Universal, Electronic Arts, the NFL, The Discovery Channel, Gillette and many others.

Natural Forces Gravity Pack 01
Collection of expertly-crafted Pads and Stings
GRAVITY - Modern Scoring Tools
Modern Scoring Tools, Pads, Risers, Stings & FX
Master Sessions: Ethnic Drum Ensemble Collection
Ethnic Drum Ensemble Collection by Heavyocity
Master Sessions: Ensemble Drums Collection
Ensemble Drums from Heavyocity for the pro composer
AEON Rhythmic
315+ Tempo-synced melodic loops with a great interface!
AEON Melodic
Deeply customizable Hybrid Sound from the makers of DAMAGE!
AEON Collection
AEON Melodic and AEON Rhythmic as cinematic Bundle
FORZO Essentials
Collection of Core Elements from FORZO: Modern Brass
VENTO: Modern Woodwinds
Orchestral Woodwinds redefined
ASCEND: Modern Grand
Modern Grand, the incomparable Concert D, reimagined
Mosaic Bundle
Inlcudes Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices
Mosaic Voices
Cinematic Choir Virtual Instrument
Mosaic Keys
Cinematic Electric Keys Virtual Instrument
NOVO Essentials
A Curated set of core content from NOVO: Modern Strings
FORZO: Modern Brass
Orchestral Brass Virtual Instrument
NOVO: Modern Strings
Superior Orchestral Strings
Inject character and edge into any mix
Master Sessions: Ensemble Woods Collection
Scoring Tools for the Pro Composer
Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals Collection
A dynamic new Standard for cinematic Percussive Metals
Vocalise Gravity Pack 02
An Evocative Vocal Experience for GRAVITY
A trinity of retro Synths inspired by the 70s and 80s
Highly stylized Groove designer from the creators of DAMAGE!
Scoring Bass Gravity Pack 06
Modern scoring tools expanded by a deep low end
Synthetic Strings
Unmatched anthology of vintage and modern synthesizers
Rhythmic Textures
Moving. Expressive. Chamber Strings.
Scoring Guitars 2 Gravity Pack 05
An invaluable tool for beefing up your cinematic score
Intimate Textures
Violin, viola and cello chamber string ensembles
Emulation of the Casio VL-Tone
Vocalise 2 Gravity Pack 04
Pure vocal inspiration for composers and producers
Scoring Guitars Gravity Pack 03
An inspiring collection of cinematic guitars
Reaktor Synth and Sequencer