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iZotope is a manufacturer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. iZotope makes award-winning products that inspire and enable musicians to be creative.

BreakTweaker Expanded
BreakTweaker plus four diverse Expansions
Exponential Audio: Reverb Pack
Includes Exponential Audio Nimbus, R2, and R4
Music Production Suite 4
Unmask your mix, unlock your sound
Music Production Suite 4 Crossgrade
Crossgrade for owners of any paid iZotope product
Music Production Suite 4 Upgrade
Upgrade for owners of any iZotope Advanced Product
Music Production Suite 4 Update
Update for owners of Music Production Suite 3
Music Assistent Bundle
Ozone 9, RX 8, Nectar 3 Plus & Tonal Balance Control 2
Nectar 3 Plus
Everything you need for a clear, professional vocal sound
Nectar 3 Plus Upgrade
For owners of any previous version of Nectar, incl. Elements
Nectar 3 Plus Update
Update for owners of Nectar 3 Standard
RX 8 Advanced
The Industry Standard for Audio Repair
RX 8 Advanced Upgrades
Update & Upgrades to RX 8 Advanced
RX 8 Standard
Audio Repair for Music and Post Production
RX 8 Standard Upgrades
Update, Upgrade or Crossgrade to RX 8 Standard
RX Post Production Suite 5
iZotope’s most powerful tools for audio post production
RX Post Production Suite 5 Upgrades
Upgrades for RX & Post Productions Suite Users
Tonal Balance Bundle Upgrade Ozone/Neutron
Upgrade from any Ozone or Neutron Standard or Advanced
Tonal Balance Control 2
Get a balanced mix that translates to your audience
Exponential Audio: PhoenixVerb CRG
Crossgrade for owners of any iZotope product
Ozone 9 Standard Crossgrade
For registered users of any iZotope product
Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle Upgrade
Upgrade for owners of Dialogue Match
Dialogue Match Crossgrade Two
For users of PPS 1-3, RX 1-7 ADV or an Surround Reverb
Dialogue Match Crossgrade One
For users of an iZotope Standard or Advanced product
Dialogue Match
Match Sonic Profiles for Dialogue and ADR