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New Audio Technology was founded 2012 by the Grammy-nominated immersive audio producer Tom Ammermann. Based on Toms skills of more than two decades immersive audio production, the company develops audio & music production and reproduction tools for Next Generation Audio (NGA) applications. This means immersive and interactive audio for mobile, theatres, installations, games, music, broadcast, streaming, live, and full domes.

Spatial Sound Card Pro - Standard
Virtual Sound Card - up to 7.1 surround
Spatial Sound Card - Stereo
Spatial Audio Designer - Film Stage
Mixing & Monitoring solution for immersive audio
Spatial Audio Designer - Virtual Producer
Create sophisticated mixes with headphone virtualization
Spatial Audio Designer - In One
Spatial Audio Designer - Producer
Spatial Audio Designer - Producer Plus
Immersive Mixing & Monitoring - Unlimited output channels