Soundiron specifically gears their libraries toward seasoned pros and working musicians in the film, television, advertising, video game, and music recording arts. With over 50 unique products and new releases coming every month, you’ll always find something uniquely awesome at Soundiron!

Brad Hoyt´s Harp Guitar
Full Range 30 String Acoustic Harp Guitar Library
Emotional Piano & Elysium Harp
Deeply sampled Grand Piano & Concert Harp
Eko Panda
The nostalgic sound of an early 70's synth
Hyperion Strings Micro
Orchestral String Library for NI’ Kontakt Player
Ambius Prime
Vast selection of pads, ambiences, leads, pulse & textures
Elysium Harp
47-string grand concert pedal harp
Voices Of Rapture
Premier operatic solo vocal collection
Sonespheres 1 - Distance
Atmospheric synths and evolving soundscapes by Blake Ewing
Ambient electronic Theremin tones
A Stone Age Percussion Library
Steel Tones
Multi-sampled metallic tuned percussion instrument
5.0 of 5
Collection of percussive Strikes, Stingers,Multisamples & FX
Sick 6
Cinematic and Trailer Sound Effects Library
Antidrum III
A mighty compendium of experimental multi-sampled percussio
Voice of Rapture: The Alto
A solo operatic Alto Vocal library
Modern incarnation of the World’s oldest known instrument
Lakeside Pipe Organ
Vintage Steel and Wooden Pipe Organ Library
Waterharp 2.0
Collection of classic and unique Waterphone sounds
Street Erhu
Truly unique Chinese Erhu Violin live performance phrases
Little Wooden Flutes
Indian & Native American Plains Flutes library for Kontakt
The Drinking Piano
Fat-bottomed Monster Upright with a classic beer hall sound
Acoustic Saz
Deeply sampled 5-String Acoustic Saz Library for Kontakt
Electric Saz
Deep-sampled 5-String Electric Saz Baglâma Library
Mercury Elements
Essential Elements from Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir
Voice of Rapture: The Bass
Solo Operatic Bass Vocal Library of Joseph Trumbo