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Toontrack EZDrummer / EZX Line


EZDrummer and it´s EZX Expansions offer the world’s most intuitive drum production tools for songwriters. Welcome to a new era of drum production for songwriters.

Drum sampler for musicians and producers!
EZX Latin Cuban Percussion
The go-tos of Latin and Cuban percussion.
EZX Latin Cuban Drums
Drums, tailored for latin-flavored rhythms
EZX Value Pack
3 EZX Sound Expansions of your choice
EZ Drummer 2 Bundle
EZdrummer 2 including 2 EZX Sound libraries of your choice
EZX Made Of Metal
Metal Extension for EZdrumer 2 & Superior Drummer 2
EZX Reggae
Reggae Extension for Ezdrummer 2 & Superior Drummer 2
EZX Pop/Rock
The original Sounds and MIDI Grooves from EZdrummer 1
EZX Big Rock Drums
The thunderous tone of classic ‘70s hard rock
EZX Dream Pop
Tailored for modern Music Production
EZX Traditional Country
Legendary Country Drums for EZDrummer 2
EZX Progressive
Richly textured Drum Sounds tailored for Metal or Heavy Rock
EZX Post Rock
Unpredictable and almost cinematic Drums
EZX Southern Soul
Sound Expansion for EZDrummer 2
EZX HipHop
Acoustic & electric Drums, Percussion & Drumcomputer
EZX Metal!
9 Custom drum sets, including incredible midi grooves.
The drums perfect for any type of skirt!
EZX Indie Folk
Indie folk extension for EZDrummer
EZX The Blues
Blues extension sets for EZDrummer
EZX Rock Solid
Extension for EZdrummer, from Classic Rock to Metal
10 Pop drumsets as expansion for EZdrummer
EZX Metal Machine
Metal Expansion Kit for EZdrummer
EZX Americana
EZX expansion for EZdrummer
EZX Number 1 Hits
EZX The Classic
Additional Classic kits for EZdrummer