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Boz Digital Labs was founded by composer, multi-instrumentalist and engineer Boz Miller in 2013 and are dedicated to make plugins that make your life easier.

Transient designer with two 3-band equalizers
Claps, Stomps and Snaps Bundle
Imperial Delay
Powerful, easy to use, dual-layer delay with multi-effects
Gatey Watey
Frequency selective gating plug-in
Mid-side Processor - quick solution for tighter Mixes
Pan Knob
Panning Tool with Superior Algorithm
Little Clipper
Hard/Soft Clipping Plugin
Manic Compressor
6 Unique Compression models
El Clapo Bundle
Clap, Snap, & Stomp Bundle
Das Boot
Generate super-realistic foot stomps
Le Snappet
Create ultra-realistic finger snaps
El Clapo
Generate ultra-realistic handclap tracks
Little Foot
Kick drum enhancement plugin
The Hoser
Analog style channel EQ
The Hoser XT
Analog style channel EQ