Fluid Chords
release date: 18.04.2022

Fluid Chords

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The Ultimate Chord Bending System

Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plugin that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord,
so you can create music that’s never been heard before!

  • Bend from any chord to any chord: Fluid Chords allows you to bend from the simplest triad to the most complex voicings - musically!

  • Create Unique Pitch FX: Fluid Chords is a sound designer’s playground - You can now create unique pitch FX like chord risers and more.

  • Bend from a single noto to a whole chord: Create harmonies that have never been heard before like bending from a single note to a chord.

Fluid Chords is a hosting enabled MIDI-FX plugin that uses MPE technology to deliver chord bending. You will require MPE compatible synths/samplers to experience Fluid Chord bending - but don’t worry, there are FREE MPE synths like Surge XT to get you started.

Synth Compatibility

MPE supported synths - Xfer Serum, Roli Equator, Surge XT, Arturia Pigments 2 & above, SQ80V, UVI Falcon, Cherry Audio (Dreamsynth, DCO - 106 etc), Spectrasonics Omnisphere (requires manual setup), Matt Tytel Vital, Fxpansion Strobe2, Cypher2, Madrona Aalto, Audio Damage Quanta, Logic Pro X & Ableton Live stock synths (using standalone app only) and much more!

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  • macOS 10.9 or higher
  • 64 bit 
  • M1 Apple Silicon supported with Logic Pro X 10.6.2


  • Windows 10 
  • 64 bit
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