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The Score - Free Update Available

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We’ve updated THE SCORE with a host of exciting new features, streamlining your music composing workflow even more. 

The free update (V 1.2.) for The Score offers, among other things, the Free Mode, which turns every slot into a standalone instrument. Additionally, the External Mode provides flexibility by allowing the slots to be used as individual arrangers for up to 10 channels.

New features such as Undo/Redo on the Play Page and MIDI assigns for Solo/Mute Buttons enable more precise control. With the introduction of the new story category "Ensemble", 20 additional stories are presented that demonstrate the full potential of the Free Mode.

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How do I get the free update?

The update is available as a complete download in your Best Service account or via our update installer. Discover the new stories and features today by downloading the update for free!

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