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Latest products

Concept 2
Intuitive and Creative Soft-synth
Forest Kingdom 3
A Unique Library Inspired by Nature
Forest Kingdom 3 Upgrade
For registered users of a Forest Kingdom Library
SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings Sordino
EZkeys MIDI Epic Themes 2
Inspired by epic scenes, soundtracks and scores
Studio Session Analyzer
The lite version of Flux Analyzer
Flux Analyzer Essential Bundle
Software-based real-time analyzer tools
Evolution Devastator Warzone
Third chapter of the Evolution Devastator Series
Cinekinetik Collection
4 unique SampleTank sound libraries
Rose Gold: Dance Pop
20 Dance-Pop Construction Kits
Dark Guitar Tunes
Atmospheric, dark, and experimental guitar sounds
FX Collection 2
22 Audio Effect Plugins in a Bundle
EZkeys MIDI Latin Ballads
EZkeys MIDI inspired by Latin ballads
EZbass MIDI Latin Ballads
EZbass MIDI inspired by Latin ballads
Insomnia - Lounge Lizard EP-4 Sound Pack
128 Presets for Lounge Lizard EP-4
EZkeys Cinematic Pads
A hybrid instrument of never-before-heard textures of sound
BeatMaker Glory
BIG beats for fame and glory
BeatMaker Glory Crossgrade
For registered Users of any Ujam BeatMaker
Great Rieger Organ
Updated version of the Konzerthaus Organ of VSL
Vintage Bundle Special
Time-limited bundle including four powerful plugins
European Life Stereo
The whole range of European rural sound diversity
European Life 3D Surround
The whole range of European rural sound diversity in 3D
Electric Disco
Perfect Blend of Classic Disco and Contemporary House
Ampire High Density Pack
Add-on pack for PreSonus Ampire