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Lo-Fi Study Sesh: Homework Hip Hop
30 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Construction Kits
EZmix-Pack Guitar Tone Palette
50 guitar tones designed by a true session legend
LoFi House 1
137 LoFi House Presets for Avenger
AIR Essential Pianos Pack
A huge collection of keyboard instruments
AIR Drum Machine Pack
Drum Machine Bundle including Boom & DS 500
AIR Power Pack
Three Powerful Synths in One Bundle
AIR Legends Pack
Tonewheel Organ, Vintage Synth & All-in-one Workstation
AIR Essential Synths Pack
Three Powerhouse Synths in One Bundle
Concept 2
Intuitive and Creative Soft-synth
Forest Kingdom 3
A Unique Library Inspired by Nature
Forest Kingdom 3 Upgrade
For registered users of a Forest Kingdom Library
SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings Sordino
EZkeys MIDI Epic Themes 2
Inspired by epic scenes, soundtracks and scores
Studio Session Analyzer
The lite version of Flux Analyzer
Flux Analyzer Essential Bundle
Software-based real-time analyzer tools
Evolution Devastator Warzone
Third chapter of the Evolution Devastator Series
Cinekinetik Collection
4 unique SampleTank sound libraries
Rose Gold: Dance Pop
20 Dance-Pop Construction Kits
Dark Guitar Tunes
Atmospheric, dark, and experimental guitar sounds
FX Collection 2
22 Audio Effect Plugins in a Bundle
EZkeys MIDI Latin Ballads
EZkeys MIDI inspired by Latin ballads
EZbass MIDI Latin Ballads
EZbass MIDI inspired by Latin ballads
Insomnia - Lounge Lizard EP-4 Sound Pack
128 Presets for Lounge Lizard EP-4
EZkeys Cinematic Pads
A hybrid instrument of never-before-heard textures of sound