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Comprehensive Resource For Interstellar Film Music
Serato Sample
The fastest way to Sample
Cinematic Strikes - Bundle
Cinematic Strikes Designed & Construction Kit Bundle
Cinematic Strikes - Construction Kit
Enormous Sounding Percussive Hits
Cinematic Strikes - Designed
Pre-designed Enormous Sounding Percussive Hits
Sequential Signals
Multi-format Collection of Cinematic Sequences
Lightning X3M
Organic and Electronic High Frequency Percussion
Sonespheres 3 - Current
Ambient Synths for Kontakt
EZmix-Pack Death Metal Guitars
50 EZmix 2 settings inspired by death metal guitar tones
Symphobia 4: Pandora
Adaptive Orchestral Transitions & Effects
Symphobia Complete Pack
All Six Symphobia Libraries
Master Pack 3
All 15 ProjectSAM Libraries
Loops and Construction Kits with a Cinematic Feel
VENTO: Modern Woodwinds
Orchestral Woodwinds redefined
Dialogue Match
Match Sonic Profiles for Dialogue and ADR
RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle
Dialogue Match, RX 7 Advanced, Stratus
Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle
Dialogue Match, Stratus & Symphony
RX Post Production Suite 4
iZotope’s most powerful tools for audio post production
Vienna Smart Orchestra ExpansionPack
Additional Instruments for Vienna Smart Orchestra
Pop Song Production
Video Tutorial - in German language only!
SDX Death & Darkness
Two studios, two engineers & nine complete kits
EZX Dark Matter
2 complete kits for metal, hardcore and heavy rock
EZX Death Metal
Two drum kits, tailored for modern death metal productions
SynthMaster Everything Bundle
All of the SynthMaster goodies
SynthMaster Bundle
The best of each synth engine
Complex sounds, straightforward controls
SynthMaster One
A tidal wave of waveforms
SynthMaster Player
Your entry point to great synth sounds
Geothermal 3D Surround
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes and Textures
Geothermal Stereo
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes & Textures in Stereo
Virtual Guitarist Carbon
Organic, distorted and processed rhythm guitar sounds
Virtual Guitarist Carbon Crossgrade
For registered users of an UJAM plug-in
Virtual Guitarist Bundle Upgrade
Adds Virtual Guitarist Carbon to your Collection
Modern Brushed Drum Kits
Funky Cat - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Funky GS2 SoundPack by Niall McCallum
Boutique Drums Penny
Tight Rock Drums Sound from the 60's and 70's
ToneSpot Electric Express
Preset based one-click plug-in for electric guitar sounds
Indie Vocals
Vocal Performances, playable Instruments, Patterns & Phrases
Massive Hybrid Twin to "The Orchestra"
Elysion Crossgrade
For owners of "The Orchestra" or "Strings of Winter"