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Latest products

Production Toolkit for Songwriters
Steel Water Bottle
A deeply multi-sampled found percussion library
Symphonic Elements Bundle
Drums and strings from Hans Zimmer’s library
Symphonic Elements DRUMS Crossgrade
For registered users of Ujam STRIIIINGS
Symphonic Elements DRUMS
Hans Zimmer’s personal collection of percussive samples
All-in-one single-screen guitar solution
Lo-Fi Study Sesh: Homework Hip Hop
30 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Construction Kits
EZmix-Pack Guitar Tone Palette
50 guitar tones designed by a true session legend
LoFi House 1
137 LoFi House Presets for Avenger
AIR Essential Pianos Pack
A huge collection of keyboard instruments
AIR Drum Machine Pack
Drum Machine Bundle including Boom & DS 500
AIR Power Pack
Three Powerful Synths in One Bundle
AIR Legends Pack
Tonewheel Organ, Vintage Synth & All-in-one Workstation
AIR Essential Synths Pack
Three Powerhouse Synths in One Bundle
Concept 2
Intuitive and Creative Soft-synth
Forest Kingdom 3
A Unique Library Inspired by Nature
Forest Kingdom 3 Upgrade
For registered users of a Forest Kingdom Library
SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings Sordino
EZkeys MIDI Epic Themes 2
Inspired by epic scenes, soundtracks and scores
Studio Session Analyzer
The lite version of Flux Analyzer
Flux Analyzer Essential Bundle
Software-based real-time analyzer tools
Evolution Devastator Warzone
Third chapter of the Evolution Devastator Series
Cinekinetik Collection
4 unique SampleTank sound libraries
Rose Gold: Dance Pop
20 Dance-Pop Construction Kits