Latest products

Risenge Pro
Rises, Suckbacks, Build-ups, Downfalls & Cinematic Hits
Risenge Core
Pre-designed Rises, Suckbacks, Build-ups, Downfalls & Hits
FX Collection
15 Audio Effect Plug-ins in a Bundle
AmpliTube FullTone Collection
AmpliTube Orange
The official Orange Amp & Cab Collection
AmpliTube MESA/Boogie
Officially certified MESA/Boogie Amplifiers & Cabinets
AmpliTube Leslie
The best sounding Leslie models in digital form, period.
AmpliTube Fender Collection
Guitar/Bass Amp and FX collection
AmpliTube Joe Satriani
Signature Joe Satriani gear collection for AmpliTube
Evolution Devastator Full Edition
Devastator Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit & Deathmatch
Evolution Devastator
Action Twisted Industrial Toolkit
Evolution Devastator Deathmatch
Premium Custom Signature Sound Effects
EZmix-Pack Mick Guzauski
50 custom signal chain presets for EZmix 2
Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn
SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments
Electric Guitar, Concert Guitar & Upright Bass
Mono/Stereo Channel Strip Plug-in with 3 combinable Tools
Summing device based on a variety of analog devices
925 Compressor
MIA Laboratories’ preferred Main Mix Compressor
Fat Channel XT
Complete Channel Strip Plug-in
Modeling Amp and Pedalboard Plug-in
Airlift Expansion Pack for Analog Brass & Winds
Atmospheric airy sounds for Analog Brass & Winds
Modern U
A deeply sampled Studio Upright Piano
The Blue Bundle
Concert Piano and an electro-mechanical Piano
Keyboard in Blue
Genuine Electro-mechanical Piano
Meditation & New Age Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte
LoFi Beats
Masterclass Downtempo Grooves
Acid Breaks
129 Acid House Presets for Avenger
Ambient Minimalism
Unique Phrase and Texture-based Virtual Instrument
Origins Vol. 7: Tar & Chonguri
Two incredibly beautiful Eastern String Instruments
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Ethera Gold 2.0
Solo vocals & powerful, inspirational, hybrid synth sounds
Spring Reverb Eventide
The classic sound of a mechanical spring
Trumpet Solos
Virtuoso High-Notes Performances
Mideast Rhythms
Collection of Natural & Cinematic Middle Eastern Drums
Indian Rhythms
Dedicated Indian Percussion Collection
Country Essentials: Americana Country
Modern, Alternative & Traditional Folk Americana Country
EZX Kicks & Snares
Extension for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3
Masala 2 - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
String Studio Preset collection by Christian Laffitte
Finisher NEO
Pro-grade Audio Effect Plug-in
Audio Layering Wizard