Rob Papen

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Rob Papen, a globally renowned sounddesigner, has developped together with top-notch programmers an own line of virtual synthesizers and effects plug-ins with innovative design and uncompromising sound quality.

Blue II Upgrade
Upgrade to Blue II for registered users of Blue
Blue II
Innovative Synth based on the Crossfusion synthesis
eXplorer 7 Upgrade
eXplorer 7 upgrades for users of eXplorer 1-6
eXplorer 7
Virtual Synthesizers & Effect-Plugins
Extended vocoder effect with many different modes
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Delay effects plugins!
Blade 2 Update
For registered users of Blade
Blade 2
16 Voice Virtual Synthesizer
Virtual Synth with vast modulation possibilities
Sound Design-X Bundle
Six formidable virtual Synths and Effects Plug-ins
Sound Design-X Bundle Upgrade
For owners of Blue II, Punch 2 or Blade
Extensive filter bank paired with a creative XY pad
A time travel of sound
Four-oscillator vector synthesizer
eXplorer 6
Virtual Synthesizers & Effect-Plugins
eXplorer 6 Upgrade
eXplorer 6 upgrades for users of eXplorer 1-5
Ultimate, affordable Mastering Tool
Go-to Synth with unique Features and Sound
Rob Papen style EQ with many great Presets
4.7 of 5
Powerful Synthesizer Focused on Distorted Sounds
Predator 3
The successor of a legendary synthesizer
Predator 3  Upgrade
Upgrade to Predator 3 for registered users of Predator
Creative FX Plugin for Sonic Explorers
Raw Kick
Edgy kicks for contemporary music
eXplorer 6 Crossgrade
eXplorer 6 crossgades for users of at least one RP product