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Soniccouture was formed in 2005, driven by an ethos of changing the way sampled instruments were regarded by musicians. Combining unprecedented levels of detail with organic performance behaviours, idiosyncractic instruments like Hang Drum and Balinese Gamelan quickly established Soniccouture as one of the most orginal and innovative instrument developers, and spawned many imitators.
Today, with a fascinating catalogue of instruments already available, we continue to explore the limits of what is possible with sampling.

Beautifully sampled Schiedmayer Celeste
All Saints Organ
1906 Harrison Pipe Organ
All Saints Choir
32 Voice Chamber Choir
Drum Sampler with 3 powerful Beat Tools
Modern Brushed Drum Kits
Sheng Khaen Sho
Asian Free Reed Collection
Scandinavian Keyed Strings
Samulnori Percussion
Korean Percussion Ensemble
Ambient Percussion Instrument
The Canterbury Suitcase
The best sounding sampled EP you'll ever play
15 vintage drum machines - multi-channel studio recordings
Xbow Guitars
A Guitar Orchestra for Kontakt Player
1950s French Monosynth
Box Of Tricks
Collection of 13 instruments with Imogen Heap
Broken Wurli
Dusty and tatty, as a Wurli should be!
4.8 of 5
The Hohner D6 Clavinet, sampled in state-of-the-art detail
EP 73 Deconstructed
Vintage MK I Stage 73 Electric Piano
A truly Organic Soundscape Instrument
The Attic 2
Huge vintage synth collection
Tuned Bamboo Percussion instrument
The Skiddaw Stones
Ancient Stone Percussion
Haunted Spaces
Cinematic Soundscape Instrument
Balinese Gamelan II
A journey to the centre of percussion
The Hammersmith Professional Edition
Detailled & expressive virtual Grand Piano
Array Mbira
A 5 Octave Thumb Piano from Array Instruments