Accusonus is a high technology start-up focused on innovation in digital audio technologies. They build innovative software tools for the professional music sector. In addition,they are developing embedded software products for speech enhancement, targeting the consumer electronics industry. Accusonus is based in Massachusetts (USA) and in Patras, Greece.

Beat Making Bundle 2
Rhythmiq, Beatformer, Regroover Pro and all Expansion Packs
Creative instrument that adds motion to your drum loops
ERA De-Esser Pro
Sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plug-in
ERA Voice Leveler
Smooth out annoying gain inconsistencies on-the-fly
ERA Bundle Pro
Multi-patented next-generation Audio Repair Bundle
ERA Bundle Standard
Fix common audio problems with one Single-knob
ERA Plosive Remover
Instantly fix unnatural plosive thumps
ERA De-Esser
Smooth out the harsh Ess-es from your Recordings
Shape the sound of your beats
accusonus ALL Bundle
Six innovative accusonuns products in One
Regroover Pro
Artificial-intelligence beat machine
Regroover Essential
Sampling reimagined
Simultaneously removes noise and reverberation
ERA Reverb Remover
Single-knob Dereverberation Plug-in
ERA Noise Remover
Single Knob Denoise Plug-in
Drumatom 2
Adjust microphone bleed according to your taste
ERA De-Clipper
The world’s first entirely automatic De-Clipper
Drum Mixing Bundle
Two powerful drum processing tools